The Great Pioneer for Incurable Diseases

LISCure Biosciences is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on “injectable bacteria-mediated cancer immunotherapy” and “oral microbiome therapeutics.”

LISCure Biosciences Provides Novel Therapeutics to Patients with Refractory Diseases Using the LMT Platform

LISCure is developing the world’s first injectable immuno-oncology program using non-pathogenic microorganisms. We focus on the development of first-in-class new drugs against diseases for which existing microbiome treatments have been rarely attempted.

We are developing therapeutics for diseases with high unmet medical needs, such as immuno-oncology, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases, using a single strain and microbial-derived metabolites, extracellular vesicles (EVs) such as exosomes.

To continue providing new treatments for patients, we developed the LMT (LISCure Microbiology-based Technology) platform to discover and identify microorganisms that are scientifically proven safe and effective for various therapeutic areas.

  • Bacteria-mediated
    Cancer Immunotherapy
    • Novel Immunotherapy

    • Monotherapy

    • Complete Remission with a single dose only

  • LMT Platform

    (LISCure Microbiology-based

  • Microbiome
    • Liver diseases, autoimmune diseases,
      neurodegenerative diseases

    • Safety assessment (reviewed by FDA)

    • Using metabolites (such as EV)