The Great Pioneer for Incurable Diseases

LISCure Biosciences is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on “injectable bacteria-mediated cancer immunotherapy” and “oral microbiome therapeutics.”

  • CEO
    Hwasup Chin
    Biotech 15+ yrs, VC 7 yrs
  • COO
    Jaeseok Shim, Ph.D.
    Material development,
    Industrialization 20+ yrs
  • CFO
    Junyoung Kil
    CPA, Investment 12+ yrs
  • Sr. Director
    Seongwoon Roh, Ph.D.
    Microbiome research 20+ yrs
  • Sr. Director
    Kyoungsub Song, Ph.D.
    Metabolism research 14+ yrs
  • Sr. Director
    Claire Kim
    Clinical development 15+ yrs
  • Director
    Shawn Cho, R. Ph./MBA
    Global business development 10+ yrs
Scientific Advisory Board
  • SAB
    Theresa Lavallee, Ph.D.
    Pre-clinical, clinical 25+ yrs
  • SAB
    Robert R. Jenq, MD
    Cancer immunology 20+ yrs
  • SAB
    Nicholas F. Larusso, MD
    Liver disease 35+ yrs
R&D Advisory
  • David J. Pepperl, Ph.D.
    Pre-clinical, IND 20+ yrs
  • Chul Kim MD, PH.D.
    Clinical medicine, Oncology 25+ yrs
  • Kiyean Nam, PH.D.
    Clinical development 20+ yrs
  • Harmeet Malhi, M.B.B.S.
    Mayo Clinic / Liver disease 20+ yrs
  • Howard C. Hang, Ph. D.
    Scripps Research Institute / Bacteria Immunology 20+ yrs