Innovative Platform Technology Based on Microbiology and Genomics

The LMT (LISCure Microbiology-based Technology) platform is an innovative tool to keep discovering and analyzing microbial and genome-based drug candidates.

Technology LMT (LISCure Microbiology-based Technology) Platform Consists of the Therapeutic Screening Platform, Microbial Optimization Platform, and Microbiome Database Platform
  • Therapeutic Screening Platform
    Metabolic Diseases
    Auto-immune Diseases
  • Microbial Optimization Platform
    Novel candidate identification
    Process development
    Metabolome analysis
  • Microbiome Database Platform
    Gut-microbiome database
    Metagenomics & Culturomics
  1. 01. Therapeutic Screening Platform
    The therapeutic screening platform for each therapeutic area is used to select drug candidates: “LMT-ACE™” for immuno-oncology, “LMT-MAX™” for metabolic diseases, “LMT-AIR™” for autoimmune diseases, or “LMT-NX™” for neurodegenerative diseases. The platform includes a variety of in vitro and in vivo screening processes to quantify the immune profiles of candidates and to analyze patterns and algorithms.
  2. 02. Microbial Optimization Platform
    The microbial optimization platform identifies new microorganisms, establishes a microbial bank (LBMB: LISCure Biosciences Microbiome Bank), and analyzes single strains and microorganism-derived metabolites. This platform also performs optimization so that candidate substances can enter the clinical stage through process development tailored to strain characteristics.
  3. 03. Microbiome Database Platform
    The microbiome database platform is a platform for researching microbiome and biomarkers with various tools, such as genome analysis, bioinformatics, and machine learning, to build microbiome and metagenomic databases based on outcomes from preclinical and clinical research. We plan to develop personalized therapeutics by analyzing the gut microbiome, individual immunity, and metabolite profiles using this platform.